Richard Shepherdson and his approach to mediation

Although all trained mediators work according to a small set of fundamental principles, they will each have their own distinct style. My personal style is to facilitate communication in emotional terms. I focus on the very strong feelings such as anxiety, resentment or humiliation that invariably drive conflict. If we can acknowledge these emotions, the details of what has been happening in the workplace become more easy to discuss and resolve. In order to achieve a sustainable resolution, we need to address the causes rather than the symptoms.

I have mediated within a wide range of organisations including: multinational businesses, small businesses, large and small charities, schools, local government departments and a health service provider.

I have a long-term professional interest in emotional health, workplace wellbeing and the dynamics of conflict.

We aim to resolve conflicts quickly and discreetly in a way that is relatively inexpensive and non-adversarial.

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